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Meet Tekena Ikoko

Career growth requires clarity. As an Executive and Mental Fitness Coach, I specialize in frontline managers seeking Peak Performance balanced with physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. I bring clarity to achieve Executive Presence by tackling unconscious self-sabotaging patterns, building Emotional Intelligence and carving out client-customized sustainable and scalable well being habits. Also, as a Public speaker, author and Content Creator, I can help you find your voice for relevance and strategic influence by removing limiting barriers of imposter syndrome, enhancing wellbeing habits that improve stress management and vital relationships, bringing focus and clarity that aligns with your purpose and passions. Your goals are important, and together, you can achieve it.

What My Clients Say

“I am so grateful for your feedback. You continually help me see my blind spots and put REAL plans in place to make progress on overcoming them. Through your coaching I am seeing things in myself I never thought possible. So grateful.

Amy Abert
Assistant Vice President, AT&T

“Tekena has an unparalleled ability to help me identify situations that are holding me back.

Vanesa Marzan-Hernandez
Human Resources Specialist

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Feeling stuck in your life, career or business? Dissatisfied with your current outcomes? Unsure of the next step to take to get the breakthrough you desire? Or perhaps you just know you can get better results but you don’t know how to navigate from where you are to where you want to get? Let’s work together to help you gain clarity, find answers and take action to create the life you desire.

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